Succeed in the baccalaureate

Succeed in your baccalaureate:
choose excellence with the Cours Molière - International School!

Cours Molière – International School, a bilingual private high school in Paris, is convinced that bilingual education is an asset for the future of your children. This is why we offer quality education, international study opportunities and affordable tuition so that everyone can benefit.

The "Molière" spirit: rigor and benevolence, the keys to success

Lycée privé international Paris - Reussir son bac - cursus excellence - Cours Moliere

100% success rate in the baccalaureate

60% of students with honors

10% of students accepted on file at Sciences Po Paris

1. A disciplined framework that encourages students to give their best

  • Clear and benevolent rules for a serene and respectful work environment.
  • A sustained pace to develop a taste for effort and perseverance.
  • Ambitious goals to challenge each student and lead them to excellence.

2. One-on-one attention from experienced and passionate teachers

  • Personalized pedagogical support to meet the needs of each student.
  • Available and attentive teachers to encourage and support each individual.
  • Constant dialogue between the student, their parents and the teaching team for better synergy.

3. A climate of trust and encouragement for optimal motivation

  • A benevolent environment where mistakes are constructive and learning is valued.
  • Regular encouragement to boost self-confidence and the desire to succeed.
  • A spirit of collaboration and mutual aid for a supportive educational community.

The “Molière” spirit is not just about words, it is translated into concrete actions on a daily basis.

Small class sizes:
Our classes do not exceed 20 students, which allows our teachers to provide optimal individualized follow-up and to adapt to the needs of each student.

Personalized tutoring :
For students who are struggling, we offer individualized tutoring provided by experienced teachers. This support allows students to fill in their gaps and regain confidence in themselves.

Support and homework help workshops:
In addition to the courses, we offer support and homework help workshops for all students. These workshops allow students to consolidate their learning and to master working methods.

School Counseling Program:
We support students in their academic and career choices through a personalized program. This program includes aptitude tests, individual interviews, and meetings with professionals.

Alumni follow-up:
We are committed to maintaining relationships with our alumni. We organize regular events and provide them with an alumni network to help them in their professional lives.

These examples illustrate Cours Molière – International school’s commitment to providing your children with a quality educational environment where rigor and compassion work together to lead them to success.

Cours Molière – International school: Your child’s future starts today.

Dual French - American Diploma

Offer your child the excellence of a dual French-American diploma with the Cours Molière – International school.