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Bilingualism isn’t a requirement at Cours Molière – International School. We’ll help you get there!

Give your child an exceptional educational experience at Cours Molière – International School, an international elementary school where French-English bilingual learning is at the heart of our teaching approach. From CP to CM2, our students thrive in a stimulating and caring environment that fosters their intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Ecole primaire privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere
Ecole primaire privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

Why choose our bilingual elementary school?

Exceptional Bilingual Education

Our small classes (about 18 students per class) provide the perfect environment for harmonious bilingual learning. From CP-Grade 1 to CM2-Grade 5, our stimulating programs prepare students to continue their education with ease, in both French and English.

Quality Educational Supervision

Under the careful guidance of our headmistress and our highly qualified bilingual teachers, each child receives personalized support. Our supervisors oversee recess, meals, and evening study to ensure a safe and caring environment.

Petit Molière method

  • Our teaching is fully aligned with the official programs of the French National Education, and often goes beyond them.

  • We use the syllabic method to ensure that students develop excellent spelling skills and a deep understanding of texts.

  • We teach English rigorously, with the goal of preparing students for the Cambridge exams.

  • We offer specific support to non-French-speaking children to help them fully integrate into the school.

Our goal is to help our students flourish and become responsible and caring adults, equipped with the best working methods.

Your child at the heart of our elementary school

Our school day is designed to be stimulating and enriching for young children.

  • We start the day at 9:00 a.m. to respect the child’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Children can be dropped off as early as 8:15 a.m.

  • We offer a mix of French and English lessons throughout the day to promote language immersion.

  • Our 40-minute work modules are tailored to the attention span of young children.

  • We use application and repetition exercises to help students solidify their learning.

  • We also offer an introduction to Chinese every week for students who are interested.

Our goal is to provide children with a stimulating and nurturing learning environment where they can reach their full potential.

An elementary school that exceeds expectations

  • Frequent Cultural Outings: Museums, theater, monument visits – educational experiences that broaden the horizons of our students.
  • Specific Support: For non-francophone children, we offer tailored support to ensure a smooth integration into our francophone environment.
Ecole privée bilingue Paris - Sortie culturelle - Cours Moliere

At Cours Molière – International School, we believe that every child has the potential for a bright future.