Seconde d’excellence

Seconde d'Excellence :
Set your sights on success and take off!

Your ambition? To give your child the best chance of success and a bright future.

Imagine a high school where your child thrives, excels, and confidently prepares for a bright future. This is the promise of the Seconde d’Excellence, a unique and innovative program of excellence offered by the Cours Molière – International school. More than just a sophomore class, the Seconde d’Excellence is a true springboard to success.

Lycée privé international bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

The Keys to Success for Your Child

With personalized academic support, small class sizes, and an ambitious curriculum, your child will have all the tools they need to:

Give your child the keys to their future with the Seconde d’Excellence! This ambitious and enhanced program will allow them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their higher education and thrive in their professional life.

Key Features of the Seconde d'Excellence

  1. Personalized Academic Support:
  • Individualized follow-up by experienced and passionate teachers.
  • Small class sizes for optimal attention to each student.
  • A curriculum adapted to the needs and ambitions of each individual.

2. An ambitious and enhanced study programme:

  • Focus on the key subjects of high school and the baccalaureate: French, Mathematics, and English.
  • Thorough preparation for the baccalaureate exams from the second year onwards.
  • Workshops and modules to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for higher education.

3. A Warm and Motivating Learning Environment:

  • A positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages emulation and mutual aid.
  • A spirit of openness and ambition that encourages students to surpass themselves.
  • Strong values of respect, rigor, and excellence.

Empower your child for their future with the Seconde d’Excellence.