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Ecole privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

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Bilingualism isn’t a requirement at Cours Molière – International School. We’ll help you get there!

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Ecole privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere


At Cours Molière – International School, educational excellence has met with a nurturing environment for nearly a century. An exceptional bilingual school, recognized by the rectorate, that shapes ambitious and curious citizens..



our international school has embodied educational excellence.

More than


students have been welcomed in our private school.


For nearly a century, our school has been a leader in providing a stimulating academic environment, exceptional success rates, and a caring approach that encourages each student to thrive.

Select our private bilingual school, where educational excellence meets affordability!

Ecole privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

French-American Dual Degree

Provide your child with the outstanding opportunity of a dual French-American diploma through Cours Molière – International school.

  • The French Baccalaureate: Renowned for its rigor and academic excellence, opening doors to top universities in France and beyond.
  • The American High School Diploma: A globally recognized diploma, providing access to prestigious universities worldwide.
  • Perfect fluency in two languages: French and English.
  • A deep understanding of two rich and diverse cultures.
  • A unique perspective on the world and an exceptional open-mindedness.
  • A major asset to stand out in the international job market.

Headmaster's welcome

Dear parents and students,

Our international private school is committed to providing an enriching educational environment where each student can thrive academically and personally.

We strive to provide high-quality programs, stimulating activities, and individualized support. Our dedicated educational team works tirelessly to encourage curiosity, creativity, and excellence.

The link between school, parents, and students is essential. We encourage open communication and are available to answer your questions and concerns. Together, we form a community that supports the growth and success of each student.

I invite you to discover our programs and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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