The High School Diploma

Dual French-American Diploma

Earn a High School Diploma Recognized in the United States

  • The High School Diploma
  • The French Baccalauréat

3 objectives

  1. Linguistics
    Homework and correspondence with teachers in English, allowing students to acquire an advanced bilingual level.
  2. Technological
    Cutting-edge digital education tools, leading to mastery of information technology.
  3. Personal
    Acquisition of a high level of autonomy, responsibility, adaptability, and maturity in work.

It allows French high school students to obtain an American diploma, the High School Diploma, at the end of their senior year, simultaneously with their baccalaureate.

DUAL DIPLOMA, for French students

24 High School Diploma credits: 18 + 6

18: French studies
The family and the school provide Academica International Studies with official transcripts from 4ème to Terminale for validation of the 18 credits.

6: American studies
The student studies 6 credits with Academica International Studies. They must obtain a minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), i.e. a minimum average of 70% in all their classes.

THE DUAL DIPLOMA: How to get it?

  • 18 credits are validated by the French education system.
  • Dual Diploma students study 6 American credits: compulsory subjects + elective subjects.

Compulsory subjects = 4 credits

  • 2 credits: English level I, II, III or IV
  • 1 credit: United States History
  • 1 credit: United States Government / Economics

2 electives = 2 credits

  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Digital Photography
  • Global Studies
  • Life Management Skills
  • College Prep

Stand out from other candidates with this dual diploma of excellence.