Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers about our bilingual private school in Paris? Look no further!

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from parents
to help you better understand our program of excellence and our unique educational environment.

Pedagogy and program
  • In preschool, the teaching is bilingual (50% in French – 50% in English).
  • From CP to CM2 (1st grade to 5th grade), the teaching is bilingual (65% in French – 35% in English).

Children as young as 2 are welcome in the very small section

  • The school is committed to meeting the requirements of the National Education. The programs offered are therefore in accordance with the ministerial directives and guarantee students a quality education.

  • In addition to the French program, the school also offers American and British teaching modules. These modules allow students to acquire an international perspective and develop their language skills.
Admissions and registration
  • Complete an application form. This application is available on our website : admission process
  • Provide school reports.

Tuition fees vary depending on the student’s level. Please visit our tuition fees page.

School and extracurricular life

Classes are small: 15 to 20 children on average.

In addition to the information meetings held at the beginning of the year, we provide you with a correspondence notebook for individualized follow-up and offer you the possibility to request individual appointments according to your needs.


Cours Molière: The school where bilingualism becomes second nature thanks to two fundamental pillars.

1. Total immersion in an English-speaking environment: :

  • 50% of the teaching staff are native English speakers or bilinguals.
  • English and French are used throughout the day, in all activities, including outside of class.

2. Intensive English teaching: :

  • 70% of the learning time in preschool is devoted to English.
  • From 5 to more than 10 hours of English per week from primary school onwards.

At Cours Molière, bilingualism is not just a subject, it is a way of life!

Cultural diversity is at the heart of the identity of Cours Molière. As an international school, we are proud to welcome students and teachers from 35 different nationalities. This cultural richness is a source of learning and fulfillment for all.


From preschool to 3rd grade: Apron blouse for a classic and studious look.
From 4th to 5th grade:
Navy blue blazer for a chic and assertive look.
Middle and High School:
Elegant and neat outfit, no sportswear, for a preparation to the professional world.

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