Pedagogical approach

Cours Molière - International school :
Education of excellence

Since 1926, Cours Molière- International School has been committed to offering its students an education of excellence, founded on humanist values and innovative pedagogy. More than 17,000 students have been welcomed and benefited from personalized support towards success.

Our teaching approach is based on the following main principles


We believe that each student is unique and has their own needs. We emphasize individualized learning so that each student can reach their full potential.

100% success rate on the baccalaureate,
100% success rate on the High School Diploma,
100% success rate on the Brevet des collèges


We believe that academic excellence is essential for success in life. We encourage our students to set high goals and work hard to achieve them. We provide our students with a stimulating environment and quality resources to help them reach their full potential.

Last year, 10% of our twelfth-graders were acceptedr to Sciences Po Paris, a highly competitive institution in France.


We believe that innovation is essential for educational excellence. We are constantly looking for new ways to teach and learn so that our students can receive the best possible education.

Our teaching methods
  • Differentiated Instruction: we believe that every student is unique and learns in their own way. We use a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of all students.

  • Experiential Learning: we believe that students learn best by doing. We encourage our students to learn by experience and to put their knowledge into practice.

  • Active Learning: we believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. We encourage our students to be active participants in their learning and to participate actively in class.

Cours Molière – International School, a prestigious Parisian private school, fosters academic excellence through a unique and innovative educational approach.