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Cours Molière - International School

Your Private International High School in Paris

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Bilingualism is not required for admission to Cours Molière – International School. All you need is a desire to learn.

Lycée privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere
Lycée privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

Why Choose Our Bilingual High School?

A Human-Sized High School

  • Personalized follow-up and individual attention to each student.
  • Reinforced educational supervision by a headmaster, experienced teachers, and a general supervisor.
  • Caring and supportive environment where each student is valued.

A Pedagogy of Excellence

    • Rigorous Preparation for the French Baccalaureate
    • International option for an open mind and better integration into foreign universities.
    • Quality bilingual education for a perfect mastery of French and English.
    • Methodology and tutorials to develop effective working methods.
    • Preparation courses for competitive exams and tests.

Exceptional Results

  • 100% Success Rate in the French Baccalaureate in 2023
  • 60% of students received honors (Bien or Très Bien) in the 2023 Baccalaureate.
  • Success rate is higher than the national average year after year.

Training for the French Elite Schools

To prepare for Sciences Po, Medicine, and other selective programs such as Business Schools, students at Cours Molière – International School receive classes in Philosophy (from the first year of high school) and reinforced instruction in Mathematics throughout their high school education.

Personalized tutoring with written assignments, methodology classes, mock exams, and regular career guidance interviews.

A High School with a Global Perspective

  • Preparation for Cambridge exams and TOEFL for English certification.

    Partnerships with foreign universities to facilitate access to international higher education.

    Language internships and cultural immersions for a unique experience abroad.

Bilingual Option and Dual French-American Diploma:

  • Bilingual option: 6 hours of English per week +
    Special preparation for the TOEFL and Cambridge exams
  • Dual diploma: French Baccalauréat and American High School Diploma.
Let's Build Your Child's Future Together
Lycée privée bilingue Paris - Cours Moliere

Cours Molière – International school:

  • The ideal high school for ambitious and motivated students who aspire to a bright future.
  • An investment in your child’s future that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Together, we can help your child achieve their goals and dreams.